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The Boletineae, a suborder of Boletales, is treated here to include the mushroom genera assigned to the Boletaceae by Singer (1986). Much of the recent generic recognition is derived from phylogenetic inferences published by Nuhn et al. (2013) and Wu et al. (2014). Specimens housed in herbarium NY can be accessed or searched.
Information and the images that have been collected about Elaphoglossum.
The goal of this website is to provide in a single location all of the information that we and our collaborators have accumulated on the taxonomy and biology of the Brazil nut family.
A worldwide monograph and phylogenetic study of the fern genus Megalastrum (Dryopteridaceae)
An ongoing project that will produce a complete taxonomic inventory and description of the tribe Miconieae (Melastomataceae). This is a group of over 1800 species from the Americas, mostly of trees and shrubs from tropical rain and montane forests.
Open Access, Full-text scans of taxonomic and allied literature in the natural sciences
Solanaceae Source aims to produce a worldwide taxonomic monograph of all species in the genus Solanum.